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I came to this game with high hopes I would be able to run an airline to full extent with all strings attached and the latest planes. I guess I set my expectations too high here.

Airline Manager is a game which you name your airline, dip into the stock exchange, buy/sell planes, look at graphs and manage staff.


With little to do once youve done the above and sending your plane around the world, then you wait until it has come back in a few hours, sadly I don't see the excitement at all unless you have the patience of a rock.


I also started on little money and only 1 plane, the money I thought I would keep to paying the staff and the plane upkeep, would have never been enough to buy a decent plane no matter how many trips I did. The Plane I had wasnt up to much. Basic.


All in all after a few days playing I give up xmas 2015. The Interface is tired and boring. but there is many people willing to spend time and money on this management game, which begs the question is there something Ive missed? Well.. not really, people really do pay these developers real money to have the best stuff. And this game isnt cheap either.


I cannot say whether you will like AM, and you may have a different view but this game isnt as exciting as it sounds in the ads. If you like spending weeks of graft to earn the best stuff or enjoy paying real money to complete games, this is the game for you.

Site Creator Nathan D

Release Date: Apr 2012

Genre: Airport Management
Publisher: AM
Developer: AM


Reviewer: Nathan D (FB Games)

 5/ 10


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