Bingo Blitz in my opinion is one of the best bingo games on facebook at the moment, and fairly addictive with things to collect and earn as you play each game and level up. I have played this game since the beginning.


If you get bored of playing bingo's, you can also play slots and collect items there too to help you progress along.

It can be sometimes frustrating to get the last items for your collection in each room. And then it becomes rage when you see others having the same issue.


You can play with up to 4 cards, and you have various power-ups to help you earn your all important BINGO'S, and of course your facebook friends help you by sending items too, its always good to have as many as possible.


As with most fb games you can also play on all your devices, this game is no expection, though playing on mobile whilst hosting 4 cards is pretty tedious.


8/10 is just a minimum. This game is just annoyingly addictive and I recommend you play sometime.


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Release Date: 2011

Genre: Gambling
Publisher: Buffalo Studios
Developer: Buffalo Studios


Reviewer: Mo D (FB Games)

 8/ 10


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