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Release Date: Europe (March 3, 2016)

Genre: MMO-RPG
Publisher: Pearl Abyss
Developer: Daum Games, Gamenet, GameOn, Kakao


Reviewer: Kike A (PC)

 10/ 10


Black Desert: It is the new Sandbox MMORPG game that will be release very soon (March 3). In my opinion It is going to be one of the games of the year. Awesome graphics, superb effects, fluid combat, very good gameplay for both PvE and PvP players, spectacular weather effects...


The game also counts with instanced housing, mounted battles, huge trading options and an immense world with global climate changes. Found it really great and I can only add is perfect for the MMORPGs fans. I can't wait more for playing it! 10/10


I couldnt preorder Black desert, but a friend of me bought it and was with him while playing it...


It is incredible

I really recommend it

Whats your opinion?

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