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Criminal case is a great game on Facebook and Mobile, created by the developers who made Myshops which was a great game rip. In this game you get to solve different crime scenes and find out who the culprites are. It is a hidden object game in which you have to find items in crime scenes around the world in order to help you find the killer.


You can also get your teammates (facebook friends) to help you with crime scenes by giving you a maximum of 5 hints. Along with the hidden object scenes there is various puzzles for you to solve.


The only downside I can see with this game is the energy bar. Each time you play a scene it costs you 20 energy. Once you have used all of your energy you have to wait for more or pay for it with real money, or your teammates can send you some.


The reason I enjoy this game so much is that the crime stories are great, and its fun to guess who the murderer is. Each crime scene is unique and you get to interact with interesting characters along the way.


Overall If it wasnt for the energy bar depleting faster than your morning cup of coffee, I would give this game 10/10, But this is highly unlikely.

Release Date: Nov 15, 2012

Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: Pretty Simple
Developer: Pretty Simple


Reviewer: Mo D (FB Games)

 8/ 10


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