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DEADPOOL review ! 

If your looking for a game narrative that never shuts up ! BUT makes you laugh at the same time ! If you want it to be a sexy man voice , like Mr video game man himself " Nolan north" 

Then the deadpool game is for you!!! 

Whether your a longtime deadpool fan or just jumping on he band wagon so you can fit in.
This game is great! The monologue is fantastic ! The game plays smoothly , as you would expect and there's a lot of blood!


This game was made for people who lack in personality and have no sence of humour , because this game will fix that...if you don't laugh atleast 5 times in the opening act then you ain't human and should leave ...right now.
The game takes place between some kind of comic book story where deadpool takes a job , doesn't fulfil that job, gets fucked over and tries to save the day! 

Now the bad points ...and YES there are bad points not many, but a few.
The game does feel like a HD 2006  original Xbox game..though it's been hd'd from 360 to Xbox one ...or PS3 to PS4.


The gameplay is just so simple ..run around kill people , next level...oh don't forget old school boss battles. The game is not very long...you could smash it in 4-5 hours 
Depending on the difficulty and if you take advantage of the upgrade system with the weapons.

There is no Multiplayer and if there was ,it would be weird.
I don't really want to think about it. Overall it's a game you will want to save for a rainy day or if your dog has just died and you need cheering up. As it will most certainly do the job.


Oh did I mention wolverine is in it and you can spend up to about four minutes slapping him in the face.

Overall 6/7 outta 10 ain't perfect but  lot of fun!

Reviewer Team Ryan M

Release Date: June 25, 2013

Genre: Action
Publisher: Activision
Developer: High Moon Studios


Reviewer: Ryan M (XBOX ONE)

 7/ 10


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