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Probably the best zombie game that has been released in a while.
You play as an undercover parkour instructor , secretly working for the government " as usual" running around IN 1st person.

The game takes place in the city of Hurran, a fictional middle eastern place full of mindless rotting corpses... Quite fun to just kill and mess about with during the day.
But at night it's a completely different story.

When night time hits , it's goes dark DUH... And you can't  see much , but you do have a torch , which helps !

In regards to the undead their reflexes and sences improve, as they are able to sprint after you ,climbs walls and their damage caused towards you is increased.
Sounds unfair right...WRONG! You also have a bit of encouragement to actually go out of the safe zone and stop being a pussy by waiting till night time has past.
That is simply your experience earned killing zombies or doing parkour/acrobatic movements is gained at a greater level than it would be during the day.

The last bit about the experience does sound rather confusing BUT it's about to all be explained.

In the game you have 3 sections in which you will gain experience in.. Survival or survival points which you get from General things like completing mission and helping survivors in their time of need. Bare in mind during the day if you die you loose survival points...if you die at night you don't.
The second is Power points which is gained from killing the undead either melee or guns , bare in mind the guns are poor in this game, I advise a nice machete with an electricity mod attached...lots of fun.

Third and finally is Agility points which is where doing all your parkour and wall climbing shit will get you points...obviously doing this at night will have more of an impact on levelling up.

The more you level up the more perks you can select but you can only choose the perks that fall under the same category as the one you have just levelled up in.
WHICH MEANS if you level up in power you can unlock tasty mods for your weapons or increase the durability of the weapon.

It's a lot to take in but once you start playing everything will fall into place.
If I was asked to describe this game I would quote it as " its Dead Island and Mirrors Edges love child"  * Que Martin Gaye.
The game mechanics are a lot more loose than what Dead Island was ...swinging a small blade felt heavy on that game , where as in Dying Light it doesn't. just make the swings count. Why you ask? because you have a stamina meter... based on a mid 50s chain smoker ... In other words it's crap! 

Another good thing you are able to swim and when it's time to go back up for air you are notified by the fluent sound of the player drowning,  there are a few underwater caves and secret areas hidden in the water which helps for finding the loot which may help if your at the start of the game.

On my first Play through I swam out to this island and found a sword stuck in a stone that I took. I'm pretty sure you can find the location on YouTube.

Multiplayer is a fun experience, it's called be the zombie mode. Which pretty much speaks for itself, except you play as this overly transformed Loud mouthed thing that will just growl and run like Tarzan.

Oh did I forget the tentacles ..or atleast I think they are tentacles that shoot out of its arms and can latch on to just about anything. 

The idea of this is that there will be five players going around the map destroying nests you as the zombie must prevent that from happening.
So it does sound pretty easy having super strength and tentacles. But you are very sensitive to the UV torches that the humans will have... * same effect on zombies that come out at night on the single player* 
If you get caught with the UV torch your health will drop and the screen will go all fuzzy, at this point it's probably best to run away, and then try again.

Unfortunately my experience with multiplayer has been crap where I can never find a game for "be the zombie mode" as nobody wants to play it, I don't see why as its really entertaining and gets your adrenaline going.


Overall I give it 8/10 
I've spent hours on this game just running around caving the undeads heads in with a table leg.
The story is short but a good one there are a nice few side missions thrown in also.
There are also zombie traps that's new , like car traps you activate it, the horn beeps , it attracts the undead Boom!
You can also drop kick zombies into spikes and off roofs...what more do you want? 

Great game!

Reviewer Team Ryan M

Release Date: Jan 27, 2015

Genre: Survival Horror
Publisher: Warner Bros, IE
Developer: Techland


Reviewer: Ryan M (XBOX One)

 8/ 10


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