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I think it's decent to be honest, but there's some things they did wrong. Also there is some things they did improve, like the aiming. The gameplay is wonderful and really smooth. The new perks they have added are good. 


The map is a decent size and the new enemies they have added, with the Mirelurk king and Queen the legendary gear and all the upgrading. You can work on your guns and equip what you want on it, like scopes suppressor is brilliant.


The story behind the companions is really brilliant as well where you get a perk for maxing them out. On a overall I think it's a fantastic game to play but wasn't as good as three.

Release Date: Nov 10th, 2015

Genre: Action-RP
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Developer: Bethesda Studios


Reviewer: David B (XBOX ONE)

 8/ 10


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