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Release Date: Feb 23, 2016

Genre: Action-Adventure
Publisher: Ubisoft

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal


Reviewer: Ryan M (PS4)

 7.5/ 10


Far Cry Review...Or Farcry no guns.


Obviously Far Cry is known for its dramatic 1st person persona and vast variety of weaponry.
But Primal takes you back ...literally to when making a fire was cool and life saving.
The dinosaurs are long gone and man has just about crawled out of the pond and grew legs..learnt to work together and build some kind of civilized nature.


The game plays just like the past Far Cry's everything has pretty much stayed the same , no radio towers this time round ...just signals to set on fire , lord of the rings style to extend your knowledge of the map.


Every side mission has its own similarity , escort missions.... NOT LIKE THAT! filthy minded readers! but just helping a fellow tribesman get across from one place to another.
I cant emphasise how much they all play the same except this one you have to be patient , you literally have next to nothing other than a bit of wood and stone. You can just expect to pop an enemy off 800m buy pulling a sniper rifle out have to get closer , injure the animal or whatever your hunting and track it until it takes its last breath.
If that doesn't  suit you , then this game aint for you ....if you really want realistic , you need to go back to your call of Duty games....*sarcasm *


Far cry primal is a realistic as it gets and it takes a true gamer to realize that and to really play it to its full potential.
Collecting resources  , wood, leafs , animal fat ,slate ect is a massive key factor to surviving without it , you aint going to get very far.
You will need all this for building your weapons and to keep warm at night.


The story is pretty simple, your looking for your tribe but meet some crazy people along the way and get to learn their ways how to tame animals which will most certainly come in handy later on in the game.

The game has only just come out so i would say much about the story.
To really get the most and enjoyment of far cry primal you have to take full advantage of the side quests as you'll know the main story doesn't last forever...


Overall Im pleased with it  , I could switch between primal and 3 and wouldn't notice much difference except getting shot ever 10 seconds but primal has really caught the experience of how hard it can be to survive! 
The one thing i am disappointed at is you cant throw human excrement at other humans.

Whats your opinion?

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