Far Cry Primal takes a break from the gun warfare of it’s 4 previous titles and concentrates on the ancient warefare used when cavemen roamed the earth and with your powers to control the beasts that inhabit this vast open world, you can battle alongside an army of nature’s most vicious killers.


Firstly the character building and development is excellent, I found all the characters to be likable and I found that they all had good voice actors and good enough graphics for them to matter to me as characters, sadly I only got to spend short amounts of times with the vast majority of them since the story rushes you onward and leaves a lot of characters behind leading to questions on where they went and why you haven't heard from them in the last 20 hours of gameplay you would of put in - and believe me you’ll want to put in a lot more than just 20 hours. Despite a very linear and rushed story, the gameplay is addictive, I found it hard to put down the controller as I renched a spearhead into someone's gut or volleyed an arrow into a beast's side. This gruesome combat system is what makes Far Cry primal very enjoyable and although I found the close ranged weapons a lot more fun and rewarding to use, all the weapons did balance out nicely and even the slightly more bizarre were very fun to use; such as the sting bomb which is essentially a wrapped up beehive ready to be utilized as a devastating grenade attack.


Where Far Cry Primal lacks is its repetitiveness as you clear outpost after outpost without any real reward or motivation and it's very basic story missions didn’t give any reward either, I found the majority of the game's fun factor is received through interacting with the beautiful scenery and vast world that truly pushed the limits of the xbox one without breaking into it's frame rate.


I found between the soundtrack and the sounds of the animals working with you (or against you) the atmosphere that Far Cry Primal gives is one of great satisfaction and certainly creates tension in hunts and adrenaline in combat.

A game for those looking for a hunt and a thrill but not for anyone looking for an emotional storyline or varied mission types. Overall it’s a good game, extremely fun but probably wait until it’s in the sale since it's £49.99 price tag is far from worthy of what it offers.

Reviewer Team Ryan M

Release Date: Feb 23, 2016

Genre: Action-Adventure
Publisher: Ubisoft

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal


Reviewer: Ross L (XBOX One)

 5/ 10


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