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Farmville is a farming simulation game that you may have heard of or played in the past few years. It involves creating a farm worthy of making lots of money and farmcash.

Ive spent a lot of game time with farmville around 2010, I was level 22 and then I had enough of this monotonous farming sim. 


Its a game that doesnt throughly run on farmcash (in big amounts this costs real money) though on the outset is needed to get much of the better stuff. You can spend a lot of time here whether you are starting up or have a flourished farm. It always need taking care of whether your planting or harvesting.


Sadly there is newer games taken from Farmville which are a lot more in depth with graphics and the works. Farmville2 made its appearance a while ago and Harvest Saga which is the Farmville version of Candy crush. (Them kind of games do not appeal to me as I dont have a brain half as fast as the game is haha).


However even now you can still play Farmville in all its glory on Facebook. It looks like its still being maintained but knowing Zynga can discontinue it at any time.


Overall its an average game which has had its hey-day.

Release Date: June 19, 2009

Genre: Farming Sim
Publisher: Zynga
Developer: Zynga


Reviewer: Nathan D (FB Games)

 7/ 10


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