Are you Mobile/Tablet friendly?
Gamebytes site currently supports iOS and Android Phones seamlessly when you use your default browser. Gamebytes is not compatible with Windows Phones as yet. Tablets will show the desktop site in your default browser, though we cannot guarantee its quality on your tablet. We continue to do site maintenence on our mobile site versions as we go along.


What is
Gamebytes is based around video game reviews for all recent consoles. Gamebytes features reviews for recent games by our Reviewer team. And we want to keep you updated with upcoming games and future releases as well.


Why is the website called
The name comes from our main site called with lots about Wales, Animations, TV, Music, Competitions and more. The theme behind our  logo represents electric.


Will your reviews be on mobile?
Yes. We attempt to create easy to read mobile friendly pages. And the reason we keep this site simple is solely for easier mobile viewing. We hope our Video Reviews will play a big factor in the short term.


Why are you only making PC reviews on Youtube?
At this present moment it is only Nathan who is doing the YouTube reviews. His specialty is the PC. However we could be soon be including other means of recordings with the team and more consoles. 


When will this new site be completed?
We do not have a completion date however we estimate to be completed by the end of Jan 2016. During this time you can look around the site as were creating it and Like our Facebook page and be notified when our site is completed satisfactorily.


Are you still NathMo?
We would rather keep our NathMo name with On this site we do our own reviews seperately.


Where can I send my idea for Gamebytes?
This page is available now and your able to contact Gamebytes with suggestions and more. Contact Gamebytes


Is this site safe for downloading?
Yes although we don't yet have downloads, All the downloads are checked to be free of viruses by our Avast Antivirus, and no information you give is edited, shared or misused.


Is this site within the rules?

We feel we are fair to all and within the law. As we stream our own video's, we have links and videos to publishers and developers, We are somewhat advertising their own games. We dont sell anything nor give out free downloads. Nuff said.


Where can I find future updates?
Future updates and maintenence can be found in our News area on the Home Page.

Gamebytes FAQ

Updated 31/01/2016