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Ryan Mounfield Gamebytes Reviewer

Ryan Mounfield

'Demoni' is Ryan's name in a local wrestling league and he fears nothing! Our good friend Ryan has ambitions to make it big on twitch with his own streams. We have been impressed with his detailed reviews so far. :)

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Kyle Darlington Gamebytes Reviewer




This mischievous character is known best by is quiff-like hair and random humour. Kyles not camera shy either with many youtube videos to his name and is now making some amazing written and video reviews! Woot!

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David Buckley Gamebytes Reviewer



David is a eat sleep repeat gamer, and a guy thats got a lot to talk about. In fact, we can not stop him talking. David generally doesn't know what day it is but when it comes to Xbox and FPS, he is unrivalled!

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Kike Alonso Gamebytes Reviewer




The Spanish Armada are here as well...actually its our good friend Kike! A big MMO gamer who has played all genres. Kike is a passionate gaming personality and his expertise in online PC games is unrivalled. GO Kike!

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Graham Reilly Gamebytes Reviewer



Graham is an old friend from school who we contacted once more when we saw he was doing some awesome PS4 network vids. Graham has kindly offered to join us and dig out some classics. :)

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Dan T - Gamebytes Reviewer


'Captain Delahue'


Dan has a wealth of knowledge with Xbox/Android games and loves to talk about them.

We expect his reviews will be faultless as his captain status goes way back. Glad t'ave you aboard matey!

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Kike Alonso Gamebytes Reviewer



Ross is our newest reviewer on Gamebytes, and good friend of Kyle. Ross is studying creative writing and is no stranger to writing reviews. Furthermore a fighting spirit with many ideas to make Gamebytes even better and keen to be known.

Meet The Team

Site Creators are head of the Gamebytes Team. They work hard to bring you the best site layout and creations. Taking care of all advertising and keep team spirit. They also are the second pair of eyes editing the reviews to ensure the reading flows well.

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Nathan Davies Site Gamebytes Creator

Nathan "Dayveez"


Nathan, the person that started it all. Has no preference on game- he generally will review anything. This crazy creative guy also does Youtube, PC and Android for Gamebytes and a keen eye for upcoming games.

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Morwenna Davies Gamebytes Site Creator




Welsh by name, welsh by nature. Partners in crime with Nathan spending a lot of time on her PC. Mo takes a backseat on this site reviewing PC games, particulary simulations, competitions and editing.

Site Creators


Gamebytes Reviewers are the core of what the site is about. These experienced gamers are indispensable game review writers and each have their own console speciality, We are very grateful to have these wonderful people onboard and we couldnt do without them! -honestly.

We are once again very grateful for having our Gamebytes Art Designers. We cannot fault their work and time to fill the gaps on such a content-driven site. Bless you!

Art And Design

David Higginson Gamebytes Art Design

David "Higgster"


We first met David in Lotro. Where he is well known for helping others. And that trait certainly continued when he offered to help with this site as he has done for many others on his comic travels as 'Grayhammer'.
One crazy artist but we love his designs!

grayhammers comics

Join in Grayhammers adventure comics!

A lot of fun to read. Based on a hardy dwarfs adventures in Middle Earth. All hand-drawn.


And whether LOTRO is your thing or not, Grayhammer's adventures with his friends will brighten your day.


You can find the comics free on David's site, along with his portfolio, biography and Facebook page.


Grayhammers Comics