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Release Date: Apr 14, 2015

Genre: Action-Adventure
Publisher: Rockstar
Developer: Rockstar


Reviewer: Nathan D (PC)

 8/ 10


I had originally cut out GTA games since san andreas.  It surprised me just how large the map actually is once you begin uncovering it in Story mode. *edited* now completed the game and really impressed with the story. Lets get straight into this GOTY, GOTG etc etc.


Im not completely sure what brings me back to this game each night... Could it be the delving into the seemingly endless story mode? Thrill of driving fast cars? The updated graphics? The american lingo? All of this is a perfect getaway for me and makes me blend into my pc for many hours.


I got this game off Instant gaming because they do massive discounts on some downloadable games on some consoles, and I didnt see a downside to downloading from Rockstar other than their server is slower than Steams sometimes but an almighty 60gb of game isnt something you would download every day. It just highlights just how big this game is. (to compare with AC Syndicate which is only 35gb and San Andreas a fraction of that).


I have also given mods a go. ScriptHook V with its discreet trainer mod got me out of sticky situations in the Story with many options to choose from. I do use wireless xbox controllers now on my pc for better control and does make the weapon wheel and character selection easier to use, so I have used mods less often. Only to create funnn!


From a new GTAV players prospective, its a really nice game and theres something for everyone here but I do feel theres still a sense of lonliness, These usual distractions such as strip clubs and 'omg someone has stolen my car' scenarios etc, its something you might do once or twice, so theres not a great deal to do if there wasnt the online and story mode.


When your blowing things up, or spawning a car when the game takes you to the middle of nowhere after a mission, I do think there should be a goal to work towards and dont believe improving your own stats really cuts the cheese anymore because that stuff has been in most other GTA and never saw a great difference in improving them anyway.

There should be requirements or something like this to continue the story and side missions. Or a co-op lan mode so I can play with someone else without being gunned down by other players. Of course, this will never happen.


I hush down all the controversies out there about this game with the sexism, racism, torture etc.. well its a GTA game...

# Did you expect gracefully spoken criminal masterminds robbing cars and banks then handing themselves in with all the money. 

# Perhaps just have woman fully clothed working in an office and all the jobs they enjoy? Who says they dont enjoy being hookers and strippers? They are real jobs too.

# How about giving the poor guy strapped to a chair a lollipop instead of torturing him for keeping secrets from fed. Do you think you would get more answers out of him? 

All this stuff is exact opposite whats going on everyday in real life now and people and charities cannot stray away from the facts this game presents.


Of course, it doesnt always swing that way because some of it is not nice to re-enact, but this is exactly the kind of thing people need to re-enact in a game, and only then people (particulary parents) realise how sick it is for young children and the sensitive minority, but all the complaining wont take this game down. I congratulate Rockstar if that was their intention to push the boundries on modern criminal and thug life. 


8/10 is a fair deal for this game. It has its fair share of bugs, but then countered greatly by great fastpaced open-world gameplay. All hail the less repetitive design! Bring on GTA VI.

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