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I've been a fan of halo since combat evolved and to be quite honest, Halo 5 doesn't feel like a Halo game to me.


1. The campaign was really short and in some points in the game having an objective to go ...and then having to go and talk to somebody and then that level was over ... Just ain't Halo. Without spoilers ...the ending is left on some what of a cliffhanger , but to me, a bit of a disappointing cliff hanger, and now I'm pissed I'll have to wait about 2-4 years maybe more to find out what happens and pay another £50.

ON THE FLIP SIDE you could say it's more about quality than quantity which I will back up as the game interior did look fantastic. But was hoping the multiplayer would fill in for the 4/10 campaign.


2. Multiplayer ... *inhales* War zone is good , 24 players it's different , kind of like big team battles big brother...but I'll get onto big team battle later.


3. Still on the multiplayer concept, it feels like the idea from Titanfalls "Titan cards" was completely stolen and used in Halo ... Which was pointless as the game didn't need this feature adding in.


4. Following this...you have introduced micro transactions...halo has never needed this " excluding halo 4s season pass" ...It just Seems like a way for 343 to rack more money off the player ... aswell as jump on the micro transaction band wagon..... If there's to be a season pass for Halo 5 I wonder how much it will be, personally it should take a leaf from rockstar and do what they did with gta and their add ons.


5. With multiplayer I get the feeling I'm not in control with what I'm playing... What happened to voting, vetoing , playing swat with a primary AND secondary weapon?


6. Ranking system "CRS" fine...works great ! ...well done.


7. The game modes feel like they have had their freedom of choice ripped out of them "going to back previous point" big team battle is slayer ...not capture the flag...I personally dislike capture the flag...so I want the ability the choose against playing it...the fact I don't have the choice to do that is frustrating.


8. Bring flood back!!!! I thinks that's it ...I have probably missed out something , but I think there is room for improvement within the multiplayer aspect... It saddens me that I don't have a choice to use my pistol or a BR , but yet I have the choice to spend £2.89 or whatever it is on a pack of cards which 9/10 are all mongooses.


From somebody who has followed the series from day one and watched the game change over the years , this one certainly feels like a bit of a major flop.. Sorry 343 ... Bungie did it better!

Release Date: October 27, 2015

Genre: FPS
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: 343 Industries


Reviewer: Ryan M (XBOX ONE)

5 / 10


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