If non-stop action, bullets flying and cars colliding is your type of game then Just Cause 3 might just be for you. This immense shoot-em-up will make your screen light up, from freeing a settlement by destroying all of Di Ravello’s propaganda and equipment to strapping a booster mine to a cow’s behind and watching it fly as you hysterically laugh, the game offers both very direct action packed shooting and also a comedic side that is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.


The game is let down however by it’s very weak narrative, although it is an improvement from Just cause 2, it is certainly not living up to any of the blockbuster narrative games that are out on the market, example: GTA V or The Witcher 3, and I found that most of my time playing was spent exploring the vast open world or doing side mission since they were more rewarding than the main quest progression, the story revolves around you defeating Di Ravello’s forces with negotiation and politics, by that I mean: blowing up everything he owns and loves. This shoot-em-up story made for a very dry playthrough and I never found the characters to be all that interesting or connectable despite the voice acting being rather good, but despite this the side quests are fun, they have a massive variety and should keep you entertained for much longer than the main story manages to.


The bullets and grenades flying through the air are made all that much better by the excellent graphics, playing on xbox one I found the graphics to be impressive, a personal favourite of mine being the stunning water visuals, which look incredible both from afar and when up close and even underneath the deep oceans of Medici. The natural scenery surrounding the populated areas of the islands make for a nice blend and I found driving, flying and wingsuiting through the countryside to look incredible, although frame rate was an issue, although it never drastically altered my playthroughs, I found that it had trouble keeping at it's promised 30FPS when the going got tough - this never affected my enjoyment of the game though and I still glided through 100 hours of the game no problem.


So the gameplay is excellent, the story is weak and the graphics are good enough for a very enjoyable experience, but what about the little things, from gameplay mechanics to bugs, although I never found any game changing bugs or errors, I did find one of the key mechanics of the game to be a little broken, after falling off mountains and surviving due to the amazing power of Rico, I found that I was being killed by shorter distance falls at random occasions, this meant judging whether I would live or die by falling from something was always a throw of the dice.

But all around great game, very much recommend it for it's massive fun factor, some minor performance issues are to be expected, but still a must-play game.

Reviewer Team Ryan M

Release Date: Dec 1, 2015

Genre: Action-Adventure
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Avalanche Studios


Reviewer: Ross L (XBOX One)

 7.5/ 10


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