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Release Date: Dec 1, 2015

Genre: FPS
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft


Reviewer: Kike A (PC)

 7/ 10


Rainbow Six Siege is a FPS developed by Ubisoft. This game is focused on team play and tactics to deal with all the situations unlike other FPS games where the player skills makes the difference.


The main game play is based on defend or attack a place, could be protecting/deactivating a bomb, rescuing a hostage or keep him kidnapped... In one hand, while playing the role of the defenders you have chances to set barricades and lay different kind of traps (barbed wires, signal inhibitors...) to protect the place.

In the other hand playing as the attackers you will be able to use different gadgets, such as spy robots to find the objectives positions and plan the assault, demolition charges to break and get through the walls...


Communication is a must to achieve wins - It can make this game very funny to play with friends, and very frustrating when you get grouped with unknown people. The graphics are okay but could be better if we compare them with other games of 2015. However I must admit that the possibility to interact with the environment (break walls, get through the windows, rappelling...) gives the game some points.


In my honest opinion the game lacks on content, after some hours playing it becomes a bit boring as there is not many maps to play. Still is a great game for FPS lovers. 7/10

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