GameBytes Updates Jan 2016

Hey Byters! As January fades away, just would like to update you what we have done this month to improve Gamebytes and the Byters experience.

The short story is we have made a big decision to go ahead and revamp the way in which you view game reviews. Yayyy! This will benefit everyone. Please see below for a bumper issue of updates this month...

Game Review Pages:

# Reviews will now not appear to be in an endless list, each review will get its own page eventually.

# The review pages each include a comments section with its own user rating, a comment like button, its own game trailer, the review itself and review like button.

# Show your appreciation for our new Facebook and Twitter Review Share buttons also included.

Take a sneak peek at our new review layout

Other pages:

# The latest Top5 Gaming Charts have been revamped and reshuffled, be sure to check them out!

# A Contact Gamebytes page for all your feature and review suggestions is now live!

# Meet the Team page is at its best now with our gamebytes team avatars, nicknames and more.

# Gamebytes News such as this update blog post now has a place further down our Home Page.


# You may not have been able to click on anything that was in the top half region of your screen.