Updates Valentines 2016

Suggestion fixes made so far this month: # Each new review ad will be shared our FB page so you can keep up to date with the latest. # You are now able to 'read more' on the reviews. # To reduce lag and give a better experience, the home page no longer animates after the first time visiting it. # Gamebytes logo no longer has a date for its tooltip. # More mobile tweaks to bring you Gamebytes on-the-go.

New Pages: # Join the Team! Tell us a bit about yourself and join our friendly reviewer team. Earn the Gamebytes trophy and rewards for Top Contributors each month. Its never been a better time to join us, Just look below. http://www.gamebytes.biz/#!join-the-team/je8b7

Now that we have the site up and running, we now put our focus to the reviews more in depth than anyone has ever seen on a gaming site. Coming soon Feb/March: # Challenge our reviewers to bring you a game review with the 'Review Request page'. # 'Game specs' on review pages. # More Reviewer game ratings. # Links to buy the game. Buy Steam/Origin/XBOXLive and many more game downloads for cheap through our new affiliate sponsor and widely known discount gaming site Instantgaming. # More of the latest greatest game reviews from players who know and play the game!