Gamebytes Returns...

Welcome back Byters! We are now back in action after a few months since a break happened.

We have so much in store for you with over 4 different consoles worth of up to date reviews, competitions and videos.

Ever wanted a game but it costs a lot of money and unsure what to do? Well our intentions are to give you the best idea of the game you would like to buy and play through reviews and videos.

Our site is due to change up to Xmas 2017 and perhaps longer, but we are here to stay :)

If you have any game review requests, please send them to We will do our best to review the game for you.

Thank you to all the requests and comments this year, (even the time we was offline, its been awesome!). Our dedicated reviewers have awoken once again to give their time in making you reviews and my thanks also go to them.

Please give some time for our site features to kick in again, plus we hope to bring you something we have never featured before such as cheats and Live reviews.

So be sure to check back soon for more of the best in gaming reviews on your PC and Mobile!