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Gamebytes Reviewer Kyle

Release Date: Feb 16th, 2016

Genre: Fighting
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom


Reviewer: Nathan D (PS4)

 4/ 10


Re-live your days playing one of the best games on PS1 and Dreamcast and forward time about 20 years. This game has become very realistic and has all the characters you loved in the 90's, and comes 8 years after its predecessor Street fighter IV. Round 5... Fight!


Street Fighter 5 unfortunately hasnt been a success so far with a poor rushed release from such a history-making developer as Capcom just so it can participate in its competition cup. On the plus side the graphics are neat, (You need a massive gaming machine if your on PC and pushes PS4 to greater lengths), umm thats about all the good I can give.


This game I believe has entered beta stage, early access and somewhat released. After taking a demo of this myself and reading other reviews Ive come to realise why this game is only half as good as it should be, and id just like to make some things clear.


For a start this game is not worth £40+ as advertised at the moment. It will never be worth £40. There is very little to do because the single-player stories are short. The server for multiplayer is just awful and an unreliable lag-fest. The controls and mapping are even worse, and theres no Arcade mode. Just these alone makes you want to throw up after paying all that money. It really is as many have already mentioned.. a slap in the face.


An unfinished game I feel that they have spent more time on the trailer. It does not represent the quality of the content, and we do not recommend you buy this game yet unless they turn some really angry fans around.


From the outset, it looks a good game but do not be decieved. Need major improvements. Come on Capcom we know you can do better!

4/10 is being generous because I feel its better than its predecessor. (But still the lowest game rating we've ever given to date). I certainly wasnt expecting to review this game in such a negative way, as was looking forward to SF5, but its only what it deserves.

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