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Release Date: Dec 20, 2011

Genre: MMO RPG
Publisher: LucasArts, EA
Developer: Bioware, EA


Reviewer: Nathan D (PC)

 8/ 10


I have to seriously take into consideration that although this is one of my all time favourite Online MMOs you might think why isnt it given the full 10/10? Well all this will become clear below. But lets not jump to conclusions just yet.


In SWTOR you play as Republic or Imperial factions who at times are in war with each other and other factions. In either faction you can be a range of force-weilders, gunslingers, marauders, agents and more. Each one has its own class story, but other than a story which with boosts might just get you enough to progress, all the quests on each planet you visit are the same and take it from a legendary player such as I, without some grit determination you'll soon get bored. :p


What keeps bringing me back is the new stories and end-game content is short but quite reasonable. However as I mentioned earlier generally its a one-way track for gameplay, Bioware says-Bioware does if it pleases EA and brings in money, the players dont get much say in the matter, Though its customer service helpline is one of the most helpful and job-happy people ive ever had a phone conversation with.


The influx of players recently has been from the likes of Knights Of The Fallen Empire series which Bioware claims to be a big boost, is then countered by the players who no longer wish to play because of content the developers have took away from the game and endlessly change. The game downtime is also typical for an mmo and usually a pretty bumper package, so nothing new here. I dont have anything really to mention on pvp. Please comment if you do :)


I really love the freedom you have in this game, to move and to fight, money credits are quite easily earned at higher levels, and the highest graphics are fairly nice but not as realistic as latest games. The flashpoints&raids are same old but they are still epic if you find a good team. You still have to work to gain the better end-game mods which in a way is good to have something to work towards. Unfortuantely by the time I earn decent stuff on all my characters, the next 5 lvls come out so its sods-lore. But the game outweighs a dark side rating and fully deserves an 8/10 from me.



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