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So by now you will have noticed that The Division has stopped being put back and now currently in closed beta testing. The only way to access it, was to preorder it and type your code in on their site...you also must have a Uplay account... Fortunately I made one back when Assassins Creed 2 came out, just remembering the login details was a bit of a ball ache.


The beta went live 28/1/16 for Xbox one and ends on the 2/2/16 it was extended for an extra 24 hours ... Good on you Ubisoft !

If I was told to describe the experience of this game in one sentence I would say it's like destiny in New York...but better. The looting, shops and customisation feels easy to do. One thing that stood out was if there was something in your inventory and you didn't want it , you could either dismantle it for resources or mark it as junk so the next time you go to the shop it's easier to recognise what you want to sell.


Within the game there is Free roam - which really does speak for itself. Go and explore New York. Missions - story based which is good, same as destiny. You also have the option of matchmaking what are you can search for the players who want to take part in the same mission. You the ability to change difficulty, normal is recommended, hard is something that must be done in a team unless you're really confident or have kickass weapons.


Dark zones - this is where you test your friendship with the guys you've just spent an hour doing missions with. When in the dark zones you can go solo or work as a team. When you collect that contaminated loot and take it to an extraction point and the timer is slowly ticking away.. and you are there thinking in the back of your head I can have that all to myself... You really can.

Just make sure you have the firepower to do so because the minute you shoot another player you automatically become a rogue agent, if you are killed you will lose your loot, die... Obviously and lose exp on your dark zone rank.


Dark zone rank is a ranking system just like normal, but can only be done in the dark zone, it's pretty straight forward the more you do ,the more you kill and the more you survive the higher your rank will be. If you die or get killed as a rogue agent your rank will decrease. Coming from me personally I would say never enter the dark zone alone. Go with a team of four well trusted friends and test your skills against other players.


Going back to something I mentioned before "contaminated loot" it can only be obtained in the dark zones. This can vary from protective kneepads to certain mods for your weapons or even specialised weapons that you can't buy from your typical vendor in your base of operations. Hence why other players have the ability to take them from you. One the loot is extracted it's yours, you can't simply walk out of the dark zone if you have contaminated loot, it has to be extracted first. There will be certain points on the map where you can extract these items but once the extraction timer begins all the players close by are notified and this is where the fun begins.


The division really is a beautiful game to play the developers have really put the time and effort into this. The vast environment of a deserted New York is over whelming * it will look a hell of a lot better on pc* The environment is alive , there is always something happening around you. Whether it's the snow melting on the floor, rats running away from you or some poor woman puking in the street.

I think the game is well structured and glad now that has been put back so many times because it shows the developers have wanted to make it as close to perfect as possible. Also take into account that this is only the beta and not the full game and what I have experienced so far is rather impressive.


Overall 7/10. Once I have the full game it possibly could be a 9/10 but with me on my limitations I'll settle for 7. Great game! If you have trust issues then I don't think this game is for you!

Release Date: Mar 8, 2016

Genre: MMO-FPS
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Red Storm Entertainment


Reviewer: Ryan M (XBOX ONE)

7 / 10


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